[CANCELLED] Full Contact Karate and Monthly Drinks

UPDATE: Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, the TU Delft has decided to close X until at least 31 March 2020. The events below are therefore cancelled until further notice.

We would like to announce the next Yoroshi event by our very own Ruben: Karate Kyunkashinkai! Expect a heavy training of full contact karate, accessible for all Yoroshi members on the 23rd of March, 20:00, in the Dojo. A gi is recommended, but without is completely fine as well as it will not be used for the exercises. No prior Karate experience is required. Please register below.

The next monthly drinks will be on the 19th of March, starting after the Karate belt exams around 19:30 in Cafe X as usual!

Please register below for the Karate Kyunkashinkai training here:

Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, the registration for this event is closed.