About us

Yoroshi is a very energetic and independent sport association. Yoroshi’s goal is to create an environment filled with enthusiastic members, who like to do sports and like to socialize. A place where you can grow and where relaxation and sports are being combined, a challenge for beginners,  advanced members and everyone who is in between.

Apart from the regular training sessions Yoroshi also organizes a lot of activities like internal competitions, workshops, drinks, sports weekends, movie nights, barbecues, outdoor training sessions, beach training sessions and of course the belt examinations. Yoroshi also provides for guest teachers and special training sessions. New members are very welcome and we hope to see you soon in the dojo of the sports center of the TU Delft!

Board members of 2019/2020

We are the 30th board of Yoroshi and strive to continue with what attracted us to Yoroshi in the first place. Together, we participate in a variety of sports ourselves, from Judo to Krav Maga. Feel free to have a chat with any of us if you happen to see us!