Become a member

Why become a member ?

Being a member has a bunch of benefits such as:

  1. Access to advanced training.
  2. Clinics are (generally) free for members.
  3. Opportunities for belt exams.
  4. Discounts on Gi (Budo suit).
  5. Social activities such as drinks and diners.

Memberships only cost an annual €15,- so be sure not to miss out on it!

How do I become a member? (Now also with iDEAL!)

Please fill in the form below and either use this iDEAL payment link, or manually transfer €15,- to NL25INGB0006293415. In case of a manual transfer: don’t forget to include your name and “Membership 2019-2020” in the description of your payment.

We will only use the information submitted for administration purposes.