Karate (Wado-Ryu)

What is Karate ?

Do you want to practice a japaneese martial art and at the same time work on your character? Are you looking for a martial art which doesn’t focus on starting the fight? Then come join the karate training at the TU Delft!

The Japanese word karate is a combination of ‘kara’ (empty) and ‘te’ (arm, hand). This means defending yourself with natural weapons such as your hands, elbows, knees and feet. The karate style offered by the sportcenter TU Delft is Wado-Ryu (和 道 流, Wadō-ryū). This literally means ‘the way of peace and harmony’ and was developed in 1934 by Hironori Ohtsuka. Wado-Ryu is characterized by the directness of the movements. Use is made of punches (fists, open hand, elbows) and kicks (feet, knees). Also the way of moving the body (tai sabaki) where defending and attacked the opponent simultaneously, is a clear characteristic of Wado.

A karate training at the sportcenter starts with a warming up. This is often followed by a “kihon” where the participants form a line and practice the basic techniques. After the warming up the following techniques will be practiced: defence techniques against possible attacks, Katas which are important to reach a higher level and sparring. A kata consists of a fixed series of kicks, punches and blocks. Sparring is done in a safe manner with strict rules and use is made of hand and foot protectors. Perfection and mental control will be the focus during the entire training. The beginner’s trainings are provided by the sportcenter and the advanced trainings are only accessible by the D.S.B.V. Yoroshi members.