What does it cost to be a part of Yoroshi?

There is a yearly contribution of €15,- to be part of Yoroshi. Also, you need to own a subscribtion at X, the sports and culture facility of the TU Delft. For more information, check out their website.

I’m not affiliated with TU Delft, can I still train with Yoroshi?

Yes, it is possible to train with us. Sport and Culture allows us to have a number of non TU related members. Please contact members of the board for options. Also, keep in mind that most of our members are students.

I do not know if budo sports are a thing for me, can I try out a couple of lessons?

You are welcome to join us for a training! There will be beginners lessons during the month of September. You can also try out a couple of lessons outside of September, just let us know.

Does Yoroshi provide opportunities for belt exams?

Yes, you can participate with belts exams in May. It is however required to be part of Yoroshi and also recommended to consult sensei Dick if you are ready to participate.

What equipment do I need to participate in training?

This depends on the sport itself. For Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, you will need a gi (gi is the name of the suit), you can borrow one the first couple of times from us. Karate also requires a gi, but they are different from the Judo gi since they are thinner. For Krav Maga, a t-shirt and some training pants will suffice. If you participate in the advanced training, it is recommended to bring your own protection such as shin guards.

Does Yoroshi participate in competitions?

No, Yoroshi does not participate in competitions, although we sometimes hold friendly competitions with our members. Some of our members do participate in competitions via some of our neighbouring gyms.

Is participation in training mandatory?

Participation in training is not mandatory, although it is highly recommended to join regularly to help keep yourself in shape. There are also the open training on Saturday if you missed a training but still want to train. It is  highly recommended to bring a partner to help you train.