Jiu Jitsu 2nd Kyu: Blue belt

2nd Kyu: Blue belt

Forwards, sideways and backwards in fighting stance
Tai sebaki (turning away)
Fend off attacks, rotate, change sides and stand up from seated position
Ebi (moving on the ground by turning the hips)
(+) Standing up from sitting position (fighting stance)

Ukemi-waza (fall techniques)
Backwards with and without rolling
Sideways left and right, with and without rolling
Shoulderroll forwards left and right
Flat fall with rolling
All falls followed by fighting stance
(+) Able to do backwards fall and shoulder roll over kneeling partner

Atemi-waza (punches and kicks)
Direct punches left and right
Gyakuzuki (punch delivered with rear hand)
Uraken (punch with the backside of the fist)
Empi (elbow strike)
Hiza Geri (knee strike)
Mae Geri (front kick)
Mawashi Geri (spin kick/roundhouse kick)
Yoko Geri (side kick)
Ushiro Geri (back kick)
(+)Kakato Geri (axe kick)
(+)Left and right hooks
(+)Left and right uppercuts
Able to use atemis on (kickbag of) fighting partner who is moving around

Nage-waza (throws)
-Leg throws:
O-Soto-Gari (large outer reap)
Ashi Barai (foot sweep)
O-Uchi-Gari (big inner reap)
Hiza Guruma (knee wheel)
(+)Ko Uchi Gari (foot sweep)
(+)Ashi Dori (leg takedown)

-Hip throws:
O-Goshi (full hip throw)
Kubi Nage (neck throw)
Tsuri-Goshi (lifting hip throw)
(+)Harai-Goshi (sweeping hip throw)

-Shoulder throws:
Ippon-Seoi-Nage (single back throw)
Tai Otoshi (body drop)
(+)Morote-Seoi-Nage (both hands shoulder throw)

-Sacrifying throws:
Tani Otoshi (valley drop)
(+)Tomoe Nage (cirkle throw)
(+)Maki Kome (sacrifice)
(+)Yoko Guruma (side wheel)
(+)Sumi Gaeshi (corner reversal)

Able to use Nage-waza in attack situations

Kwansetsu-waza (holds)
Kote Gaeshi (wrist lock)
Ude Gatame (arm lock)
Kannuki Gatame (inner-, outer arm lock)
Ude Hishigi Juji (arm bar)
Ude Garami (bent arm lock)
Waki Gatame (armpit arm lock)
Juji Gatame (crossed lock)
Ashi Kansetsu (foot/leg lock)
(+)Atamo/Ago Gaeshi (hair-chin turn)
Able to use Kwansetsu-waza in attack situations

Defenses (followed by a counter)
Uchi Uke (block by turning forearm inwards)
Jodan Uke (high block)
Uchi Harai Uke (sweeping block)
Gedan Barai (downward block)
Able to use Defenses in attack situations

Jime-waza (choking techniques)
Hadaka Jime (rear naked choke)
Okuri Eri Jime (double lapel choke)
Able to use Hadaka Jime in attack situations

Escaping from holds
Chokehold 1 hand and 2 hands, extended or bent arms (9 variations)
Wrist grap left on left/right on right (4 variations)
Wrist grap 2 wrists grap from above or from underneath (12 variations)
Bear hug (6 variations)
Around the neck from the side (4 variations)
Around the neck from behind (1 variation)
Hold on gi (6 variations)
Chokehold on the ground (3 variations)
Chokehold from behind (2 variations)
(+) Chokehold 2 hands laying on back (2 variations)
It must be noted that, for a number of attack situation (for example: a jab to the face, front kick to the body, grap to the throat or knife jab to the abdomen), the person must also be able to defend oneself when there is intially a distance between the attacker and the defender.
Able to these defenses against 2 attackers, who take turns attacking

Kicks/punches without contact
Judo Ne Waza (sparring practice on the ground)
(+)Judo Tachi Waza (sparring practice standing)
Starting off sitting, laying against standing attacker as well as from pinned position
(+) From a pinned position

(+) = These exercises are added for this belt