Karate 7th Kyu: Yellow belt

For the karate yellow belt exam, the requirements are given below. When training for higher belts, a higher quality of the required movements is expected. Attention is then payed to stance, balance, speed, effectivity and kime (focus and power).

7th Kyu: Yellow belt

Kihon (Punches and Kicks)
Junzuki (punch delivered with front hand)
Gyakuzuki (punch delivered with rear hand)
Mawatte Jodan Uke (turning around and high block)
Mawatte Gedan Barai (turning around and downward block)
Uraken (punch with the backside of the fist)
Maegeri (front kick)
Mawashigeri (spin kick/roundhouse kick)
Sokutogeri/Yokogeri (side kick)

Uke (blocking technique)
Jodan Uke (high block)
Uchi Uke (block by turning forearm inwards)
Soto Uke (block by turning forearm outwards)
Gedan Barai (downward block)

Renraku-waza (Kick & Punch Combination)
Kette Junzuki (front kick with punch with front hand)
Kette Gyakuzuki (front kick with punch with rear hand)
Surikomi Maegeri, Gyakuzuki (step with your rear foot over your front foot + Maegeri + Gyakuzuki)
Uchi Uke, Gyakuzuki
Soto Uke, Gyakuzuki
Jodan Uke, Gyakuzuki
Gedan Barai, Gyakuzuki
Maegeri, Mawashigeri, Sokutogeri

Interactive forms of exercises
Sanbon exercise with chudan attack
Sanbon exercise with jodan attack
Interactive form of exercise where A attacks with an predetermined attack and B defends using different kinds of techniques

Kata (Series of fixed movements)
Pinan Nidan

Jiyu Kumite (Free sparring)
2 matches of 2 minutes where the focus lies on timing, movement, posture and technique