Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga?

Do you want to defend yourself quickly and effectively? Do you want to learn useful techniques to help you defend against verbal and physical aggression in everyday life? Are you looking for techniques that utilise natural reflexes? If so, then come along to Krav Maga at TU Delft!

Krav Maga is a very efficient system of defence which has its origins in Israel. During the Krav Maga classes, you’ll build up a high degree of resilience in order to anticipate aggression. You’ll learn a range of effective techniques, such as punches, kicks, grips and take-down techniques. Also part of the training is how to respond to an armed attack (with a knife, for example). So come along to the sport center at the TU Delft and learn to master a no-nonsense system in which only effectiveness counts.

Krav Maga has gradually become a part of Yoroshi, as the trainings take place in the same dojo and are given by the same Sensei. Also, the trainings and fighting techniques somewhat resemble that of the budo sports. Krav Maga has brought some people closer to Yoroshi, and closer to practicing budo sport as well.