Eskrima + General Member Meeting/Monthly Drink

We would like to announce the next Yoroshi event for next week: the Eskrima workshop! It was one of the highlights from the Martial Arts Day, and since a lot of people were not able to try it out we invited Eskrima Rotterdam to give another training. Eskrima is a fast and direct martial art that uses sticks and knives to quickly end the fight.

It will take place on January 16, at 19:15. You are expected to wear a t-shirt instead of a gi, as the sticks can get stuck behind the lapels of the gi. You can register below.

After training at 21:00, we will have this year’s first General Member Meeting. It will be a low-key get-together, mainly to give you the opportunity to give us your ideas, feedback an suggestions, and discuss the New Year’s Resolutions of Yoroshi 🎉. It will be combined with our Monthly Drink of January, so you’re also more than welcome without any input!

Please register here for the Eskrima workshop:

Sorry, the registration limit has already been reached!

Movie Night!

Happy new year everyone! We hope you’re enjoying your holidays, and wish you all the best both on and off the tatami in the year to come.

To start the new year well, we are organising a movie night for all Yoroshi members! It will take place on Wednesday 8 January, starting from 8 PM, in our homely Yoroshi Cinema at Wallerstraat 38 in Delft. The movie to watch is yet to be chosen, so make sure to rate our suggestions and maybe even provide your own suggestions while registering below!

Christmas Drinks and End of the Year Training

Hello everyone!

We would like to invite all of you for a cosy Christmas Drink with hot chocolate on Monday December 16, 20:30 after Krav Maga. Karatekas can of course still join after their training.

On December 19, 20:00 there will be the End of the Year Training, a two hour long training with Dick and the other Martial Arts trainers to ensure you’ll start the holiday tired! Due to preparations, the Karate training will officially end a bit earlier at 19:00, though you can just keep training as long as you wish.

Lastly, we would like to announce that we are organizing a movie night after the holidays, we’ll keep you posted!

Hope to see you soon!
The Yoroshi Board

Women’s Self Defense Workshop

To promote our martial arts among women we are organizing a Women Self Defense workshop! The training will be a combination of Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu and will focus on women with zero experience in martial arts. For our experienced women in these martial arts it might be known techniques but you are still more than welcome to join! The Workshop will be in the Dojo on Saterday the 14th of december from 14:00 to 15:30! After the training we will have a drink together. The training is open to everyone! The total event, including two free drinks, costs only €3,- if you have an X card, but you can also join for €5,- if you don’t have one. Subscribing can be done by sending an email to with subject Women Self Defense Workshop.

If you know any women who could be interested in this, please share the event!