Live training by Ruben and practice videos

We hope all of you are as healthy as ever and not too bored studying at home.

To reduce the homesickness for the dojo, our very own Ruben Greve will give a live training on Tuesday April 28 at 9pm! Ruben practices full contact karate at a high level and is often doing Krav as well. If there are any techniques or other things you would like to learn in such training please let us know! This is an experiment for us as well and we would like to investigate the possibilities together, so all input is welcome! You can join the training on Zoom by clicking here.

To help you stay on top of your game we also compiled a list of useful training videos for all Yoroshi sports together with Dick!

You can check out some home exercise videos to follow along with trainings at any level. And of course, there are the Kata videos on the Yoroshi site.

The last video is Shotokan instead of Wado Ryu, but most movements are the same. If you find a good Wado Ryu training online please share it with us!

Krav Maga
Similar to Karate there are some follow-along videos for a full training.

Some techniques are difficult to do properly at home, although you could always borrow your roommate. None the less there are still a lot of things you can practice in the living room.

Jiu Jitsu
For Jiu Jitsukas both some of the Judo as some of the Krav Maga techniques can be done at home. Furthermore, there is this compilation of locks that you can try out of you have someone nearby:

Feel free to share more videos if you have something useful, we will place this list in the public Yoroshi drive folder (for members only) as well so that you can easily find them!

Stay healthy and hopefully we will see you soon!

The Yoroshi Corona Survival Club

To encourage you all to stay fit even more, we’ve made a Strava club for everyone that works out at home! If you join the club on Strava (called the Yoroshi Corona Survival Club), all your running, cycling and skating activities (record skating activities as swimming activities for them to be visible in the leader board) will be added to our club page. All member’s workouts will be added to the overview on the right (sometimes below on mobile devices) of this homepage as well. Our goal for every week: 100 km of cumulative running! Workout at your own pace: even the smallest activity is much appreciated.

Join the Strava club here!

Belt Exams and End of the Year BBQ

While officially X has not made a decision on when to open again, it probably isn’t anytime soon as government restrictions still apply until at least June 1st.

Therefore, we have made the decision to postpone the belt exams to next academic year, probably in October or November. This is to ensure that everyone is back at their highest level for the exam. This also means that we will refund everyone who paid for a belt already. This will be done in the following days to the same account you paid with. The end of the year BBQ hopefully will be able to continue in June to finish this academic year, we’ll keep you posted as always!

COVID-19 Pandemic Measures

As most of you probably have seen already, X and some TU Delft facilities are closed indefinitely. Therefore, all training and activities are cancelled until further notice. This includes the Belt Exams, Karate Kyukashinkai, and the monthly drink as well. All of these events will be rescheduled as soon as more information is available. Belt exam registrations will remain valid for the next session. The costs for the belt are of course refunded if you choose to cancel.

We will consider training alternatives if X stays closed for too long, but we also should adhere to the TU regulations.

Stay healthy, and we hope to see you soon! In the meantime, you can catch up on some kata’s to practice in the living room.