Judo Ne-Waza Tournament

You can now test your Judo or Jiu Jitsu skills during the Judo Ne-Waza Tournament! The tournament will be held on Tuesday 28th of May starting from 19:00 onwards in the Dojo of X. Furthermore, to make the tournament fair, we will have different categories based on your weight and skill level. All you have to do to join the tournament is fill in this form.

Monthly drink May

we would like to invite you all to the Monthly Drinks next Thursday May 9that 21:00 (after Jiu Jitsu advanced) in cafe X. The first pitcher is on us.

kyokushinkai karate

It is time again for a special workshop, and this time it’s the full contact Kyokushinkai Karate given by Ruben Greve, who is one of our old members! The training will be on Monday, 6th of May at 20:30. This training is for every one who knows how to kick or punch. If you want to join you can send us a mail or you can fill in the form in the dojo.