The schedule for Week 2 onwards is finally set by X. For beginners/all levels classes, you sign up using the X timetable. For advanced classes, a signup link has been sent to all members and everyone on the interest list. Not on the list yet? Leave your info behind here and we’ll send you the details!

If the X timetable doesn’t show the hours yet, it means they messed up and they haven’t managed to finalise things with the new trainer. In that case the Dojo is freely available to anyone in those hours.

17:45 Judo Beginners
19:15 Krav Maga All Levels
20:45 Karate Advanced

18:30 Judo Advanced
20:00 Jiu Jitsu Beginners

18:00 Karate Beginners
19:30 Jiujitsu Advanced

All classes are held at the Dojo at X.